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    We are the service to go to for your technology and business needs. We pride ourselves on thouroughly understanding our customers issues and providing detailed communication at every step of a project. We bring a deep understanding and knowledge of diverse technologies and ecosystems.


    Apple Certified Consultant - Filemaker Developer - AWS Partner.




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    Apple Ecosystem

    Mobile, Server, Desktop, Creative, iOS -- you name it!

    Outstanding Apple OS X and iOS Professional Desktop and Systems, network and troubleshooting: Technology for Smart Organizations.

    ACTC, ACSA, MTC - OS X Certified



    Network, Infrastructure and Development

    Technology and Solutions

    We work designing, implementing and monitoring network and infrastructure for clients in diverse areas. We provide satisfaction to clients in law, education, manufacturing and publishing (among others), This includes development and custom internal solutions.

  • customers just love us:








    Once upon a time, Steve called.



    His voice was shaky.



    The training experience we had provided to some of his employees had impressed him, and he needed help with the technology in his business. He told us what he wanted (and vented his frustration).

    Imagine the bliss when we made it reality -

    we received flowers as a gift!

    And our service was described as:

    "a glass of fresh water in a desert of overwhelming technology"

    This is how alrx.net got started.

    The satisfaction of our customers is our passion and our DNA.



    More than 150 Clients

    Long term support!



  • industry partners

    Working for years with proven industry partners

    Apple Consultants Network

    This is an Apple program specifically for professional service providers, solution integrators, and managed service providers who are looking to develop specialty practices focus on integrating Apple technologies into businesses. 

    alrx.net,inc. has been an active member of this program since 2001.

    Filemaker Developer

    FileMaker troubleshooting, setup and developing expertise. Building  better solutions and solving your technical challenges.

    Amazon Partner

    We help design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your workloads and applications on AWS. We assist you deploy, run, and manage computing in the AWS Cloud.

  • Location:

    Central mid-peninisula in the Bay Area -- check map below

    1315 Palm Ave., San Mateo 94402

    1315 Palm Ave. San Mateo, CA 94402